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An original product that was made by a competitor not only for racers, but for all those who want to get the most out of their fat burning efforts, and not only that. . .

This makes this product one of the best on the market and its composition is suitable for both women and men, regardless of age or sport. We even recommend it to students for better concentration in preparation for important and demanding exams and to drivers for forging demanding duties where fatigue can have a catastrophic impact. Of course, martial arts wrestlers will also agree with us on the importance of form and concentration in their performance. For this reason, even here, this preparation is more than suitable. We recommend using it in preparations for fitness races and in bodybuilding categories, where the use of the above-mentioned substances is a common routine.

This unique product is based on proven laboratory and health research, on the basis of which an original cocktail of all important substances was compiled, in the absolute highest possible concentration, so that you can comfortably replace a large number of different capsules and preparations, which often contain only a small amount of active ingredients.

This saves you not only your digestive tract, but also your money in the end, while achieving the highest and most effective effects in a targeted and very effective way:

Spalování tuků

Koncentrace během tréninku

Imunitní systém

Proper hematopoiesis, circulation and blood sugar monitoring

Krevní oběh v cévách

Zpomalení stárnutí buněk

Absorption of amino acids and other important substances and minerals

Snížení únavy a vyčerpání

Zdravá struktura kostí a jejich odolnost.

Every professional athlete knows that if he wants to get the most out of his training, he must concentrate on training as much as possible. This is also the difference between conventional burners and this one.

Contained Ginkgo Biloba, which is known for its beneficial effects, especially as a preparation to support brain activity and blood flow to blood vessels, helps you here twice. On the one hand, with concentration and on the other, it will help to blood supply your blood vessels, which is important for efficient fat burning.

But last but not least, this product, as one of the few, also has a gradual release of active ingredients, and thus ensures the effect throughout the training. Thus, it does not have the badly known effect of a rapid onset, resulting in a rapid attenuation, which can affect us even during training. It is therefore also suitable for enthusiasts and lovers of a really long and intensive training.

It is even enriched with some important vitamins and minerals. It is worth mentioning the chromium contained to maintain and control the correct blood sugar level and support the proper functioning of metabolism

Vitamin D, which is especially deficient in the winter months, is even 9 out of 10, according to statistics. Therefore, it is recommended to monitor its intake, as its deficiency can have an adverse effect on the function of the immune system and muscles. A sufficient amount ensures a healthy bone structure and their resilience.

Vitamin B6 supports the immune system and is involved in amino acid metabolism. Reduces fatigue and exhaustion, increases the absorption of many substances, amino acids and minerals

Vitamin B12 for proper hematopoietic function is significantly involved in DNA and ATP synthesis and is essential for proper nervous system function. Proper supply of the required amount of this vitamin improves memory, promotes concentration, reduces the risk of disease.

Vitamin E is one of the most important antioxidants. It protects against free radicals, oxidative stress and also helps to slow down aging. Vitamin E deficiency causes neurological problems and reduces immunity.

With the help of the maximum amount of substances such as caffeine, taurine, synephrine, carcia cambogia, l-theanine, white willow, cayenne pepper, they are therefore among the strongest ultimate thermogenic burners on our market.

500 Kč